Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hello my friends! I have dropped off the face of the earth with my blog these days--don't know if you've noticed! It seems that life somehow got busy, combined with I think a touch of laziness (isn't it funny how the two sit so closely together? The busier you are, the harder it is to stay motivated to do the things you LOVE.) I have done some creative things, but have not taken the time to document them! I sorely miss those times. Blogging daily/weekly takes an enormous commitment, doesn't it? And I think I've discovered about myself I don't like to do the same thing, for an extended period. It's because I need the stimulation of something new, all the time. I thrive on it. Discovery is what makes my world go 'round--art seems to be the one thing that is always new and different, EVERY time. I also have a hard time with self-discipline (it seems that the more I read articles about other artists, the more I discover that this is a deep-rooted, common trait in creative type people).
All that to say, is that I would really like to get back to blogging, and to think of it as a personal discipline that is good for me--kinda like taking your vitamins, or making sure to exercise.
So the latest? My wonderful art group (led by the fabulous Laurelin see: ) has started The Portrait Club. Each gal who wants to be a part of the "club" has a month in which she publishes different photos of herself, and in turn, the other artists can interpret the model of the photo in any way artistically they would like, depending on their type of art they dabble in. It should be interesting! This will be a great way for me to re-visit my dear friend, Photoshop! The photo above is the photo that I will use. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010