Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hi all--
Okay, so decided to take part in the "Indie Project" of my fabulous art club, The Swell Sister Society. "Indie" meaning, Independent. So someone starts a project--it can be on canvas, or recycled element, whatever they feel like. And they start some artwork on it and then pass it to another member to do, who in turn passes it on to someone else until it circles back to the original owner. This is the first time I have participated in this, and I have seen some wonderful things that have appeared at the meetings.
So, I decided to start mine on a part of a box...thing. I think it's an old draftsman box of some sort? Or an Artist's carry-all? Not really sure, but I had to snag it when I saw it at my neighbors garage sale. So I took it apart, (it was painted yellow already on the inside by the previous owner) and started the project.

One half, inside view of wooden box. Red one is base-coat of new work I am doing for "Indie Project"

These hinges came off of the box--beautiful in themselves! Will hang on to these guys and figure out something to do with them later. Kinda look like butterflies don't ya think?

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