Friday, February 5, 2010

Indie Project

Well, it was hard to know what to do, but here it is. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how different the peacock looks just with the change of the background color! All this beautiful shading seemed to show up in its body and feathers. It looks pinkish around the bird, but there is no pink painted there. It's just the way the photo turned out!
Again, hard to stop, but wanted to give the other artists a chance to add their own flair! What's next? It goes to the next person. Will see if I can get the other gals to take a pic of what they added, and I will keep you posted. The neatest part about putting this on a blog, is that you can see the progression. Art is ALIVE!


moo said...

ooh la la... lovin this peacock... I know you will all remember me as the peacock lover of the group, and therefore gift it to me when it's finished. :-) Really, I'll settle for making a print of it myself. ;-)

p8ntgurl said...

I would love to dearest! You do make me think of Peacocks! Except this one isn't the colorful kind, like you! BTW Mikie, found this cool image on-line. Maybe this may inspire you to make it a painting-a-la-Mikie? I could just envision what you would make it!